All White, Black Lives Matter Chapter, Actively Recruiting Black Members

June 5th, 2018
Ithaca, NY

“Wakanda Forever, Black Lives Matter” chants the Ithaca, NY Black Lives Matter contingent as it parades down the street. This BLM rally feels a little different, but this BLM group is a little different as well.  What makes this particular BLM chapter special is that its all white.

Yes, the Ithaca NY, Black Lives Matter chapter is the only all white BLM chapter. The leader Albus Mann, spoke to us about some of the challenges the group faces:

“I really can’t tell you why there aren’t any African American members. We plan on doing more outreach to African American communities. We asked all the Black staff at our country club if they were willing to be our black person. Oddly none has agreed. But we plan on tabling at Juneteenth and the GIAC fest.  Maybe if we were “more awake” it would help.”

“Yeah, it is a little awkward, when we show up to ralleys where there are not any African-Americans, and we don’t have any with us. When we arrive, counter protesters usually, start making comments about Black people always being late, and so forth. But that’s just not true, we just don’t have any.”

“Well, yes the irony is not lost on us that the new Neo Facist/Nazi Movement and BLM Ithaca have the same racial demographics……”

“Oh, the police have actually been great! One time, we had a really big ralley, which needed the police to provide security, and again no African Americans showed up. But luckily there was an African American police officer with the contingent of police. And they were so nice to let him come and march and participate in the rally. It could have been better if he wasn’t wearing his uniform.”

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