White House Administration Shifts Position On Wall, Supports “Freedom Bridge” Instead

White House Administration announced that it has given up plans on building a Border wall, and announced that the US will be building a bridge to Canada instead.

“We don’t have a problem with them wanting a better life. In fact we want to support them on their journey to find one. That’s why we are building a bridge, to help them get to Canada.” said an administration official close to the White House.”

Other GOP Congress members are really excited about the Freedom Bridge (FB) bill because they believe that it has strong partisanship appeal.800px-Underneath_Millennium_Bridge

“Democrats should get behind this bill, as they are the ones always talking about building bridges between countries and communities, now they get their chance to actually do it”

The new White House plan consists of a 2251 mile long 40ft high concrete uncovered pedestrian walkway from the Mexican/American border to Canada. The administration has announced they have already secured funding to build the bridge.

“Walmart and Taco Bell have agreed to fund the building of the Freedom Bridge, and in exchange they will have the exclusive rights to sell food and supplies for the travelers as they make the pilgrimage to Canada. We thought about things that could make the journey easier, Taco Bell was an easy choice, home style cooking, eh. It is important to us to ensure, as a world leader, that no one can say the US is not friendly and supportive of refugees.”

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