Wow! It was close, but I’ll take a tie to get in the finals! October, here we come!

When the Ducks are out you know it’s Trampoline time! The theme was Misdemeanor! And I am not even a summary judgement! 😯

🎼SingTrece and Stone Cold Miracle were playing on the Commons at 6, as they were the opening act for Trampoline, Ithaca’s Premier Storytelling event. Big thanks to them for that. 😆

But the big news is that with only 2⃣ shows to go I had to win tonight, out it was looking bad for your boy to get to the finals. I was early, I was ready…. Apparently so was everybody else.

There were great stories all around, 👀10s, 9s, all around! Luckily, I had enough of them to save my arse, and score a tie. Which was enough to get me in the finals! 😫

So see you in October! This year we’re taking the title! 🏆

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