It was a was a non stop, exciting weekend. And the week is going to be even better!😉

We headed out to Romulus and spend some time at The Boathouse Beer Garden which doubled as the Finger Lakes Boat Museum as well.

We had some technical difficulties, with a short in the mixer, but as you know, “Storms will come storms will go”😉……. We always perform. We had had a great time at the Boathouse Beer Garden, and looking forward to getting back there.

Then Sunday was Porchfest!

We finish the weekend off with Porchfest and a fun 45 minutes of 🎼Singing Notes and🎙Slinging Jokes. Tioga St, was a the place to be and Mike Judah’s porch was the epicenter of an all where some serious 🎼Singing and🎙Slinging was going down.

Today is Shrimp and Grits Tuesday

So we are going to be at Maxie’s Supper Club 🎼Singing Notes, 🎙Slinging Jokes, and 🤗Eating Shrimp and Grits.😁 Its Free, its free, they have great cocktails, and its free. 😉 We would love to have you come out and spend the evening with us.


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