We did it again! 🎼 Singing Notes and🎙 Slinging Jokes…… And in Danby nonetheless.

Man, we had fun at the Danby Gathery last night. SingTrece was singing🎼, I was joking🎙, and Trisha, the owner of the Gathery was at home babysitting 😜. Or at least what she said, she might have believed me and got scared, when I said I was going to make her a part of the show.😆. Next time Trisha, next time.

It was a beautiful evening with old and new friends. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Tracy. 👋

And your boy looks good in a cowboy hat. 😎.

The wingwoman 😇SingTrece was FTD (Fresh To Death) fly as always. 👀 😲

And of course we had finish with the group song. 🎶

See you at the next event.


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