🎼Singing Notes & 🎙Slinging Jokes

A unique blend of music, song, storytelling, comedy, and laughter.

“It exceeded my expectations because of how carefully you had worked it out and integrated your two arts into a whole that was bigger than both”

International performing and recording artist, “SingTrece” and comedian husband Kenneth McLaurin always bring you a great evening of entertainment.  Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes is a unique blend of music, song, storytelling, and humor. Join them in a fun celebration of life, love, and laughter.

Why have a typical night out when you can have an extraordinary entertainment experience?  Hang out with two international and national touring professionals for a unique, personal evening of fun.






International singer, songwriter, playwright, and actress, SingTrece is known as the lead vocalist from band Stone Cold Miracle, who gives amazing hugs.  She has featured at Grassroots, the Cayuga Sound Festival, as well as touring Europe and singing in the Vatican twice.  Her band released its first album “Love Without A Doubt” last year, and she recently released her solo album, “I’m Waiting”.  



It’s inspiring, when you hear Singtrece sing: you’re listening, hearing, feeling every word, living through every song with her. And her talent is matched by her planet-sized personality, charming and inspiring people from the stage before doling out warm hugs all around after the show is over.

-Ithaca Times

For more info: SingTrece.com

Kenneth McLaurin

“North Carolina native Kenneth McLaurin, long known as “The Funniest Person You’ve Never Heard of,” is seeing his career reach new heights since the release of his album”Cuttin’ Up, Comedy at The Shop”.  As a southern boy, living in Upstate NY, Kenneth’s southern fried outlook on parenting, marriage, divorce, our culture, and life in general, keeps audiences laughing with his infectious energy and affable nature.


“The amazing standout performance was by Kenneth McLaurin, who is arguably the funniest comic working in the area. McLaurin has a professional and compelling stage presence. There is something organic about his performance. It is all a fluid piece. The material, his delivery, his physicality are all unified and remarkably funny.”


“Life’s a joke, find the funny” is his approach to life , and he has spent the last 10 years taking all sorts of people in all sort of places throughout the East Coast straight to the funny!

Witty, Clever, Insightful, sometimes Shocking, but always Funny is what you get with Kenneth.

🎼Singing Notes & 🎙Slinging Jokes




“These best part of the show is that it’s deep and profound. It’s honest. It’s great. You are both so good on stage, and good at completely different things that it just works.”

-C. Holmes


Conferences – Conventions – Casinos

Fundraisers – Nightclubs – Special Events

Schools – Churches – Cooperate Events-Birthday Partys

Whatever the occasion, we’d love to spend it with you, Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes. Contact us to set up your next event.


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